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The heart of our studio is based around a Yamaha DM1000 V2 desk and Mac based Cubase 7.5 DAW.

To support the studio computer based facility we also have a Revox B77 (2 track HS) and a Fostex A8 (¼” 8 track) reel to reel machines available should you wish to record the way it used to be done, or have old tapes that you would like to transfer onto CD or into the computer for remixing.

For location work we currently run either a Tascam DR680 6 track recorder or a Fostex 16track D160 hard disk recorder. A number  of different desks are available to suit the session.

We are always exploring new Plug-ins but currently we running:  Abbey Road,  iZotope, TrackS, Lexicon, Sonnox Oxford, Waves. We also run Synchro Arts VocALign  for dubbing & ADR work.

The studio is wired for midi throughout all managed through our MOTU Midi Express giving us 128 midi channels.

Our midi keyboards and drum kit combine with a vast library of instrument and sound effect samples available for music and effects in production work. additional soft instruments come from from Lounge Lizard and Addictive Drums.

Our outboard kit is often changing but it includes units from: Focusrite, Lexicon,  Drawmer,  TC Helicon,  DBX,  Aphex, Behringer,  Akai.

We hold a wide variety of microphones including number of tube microphones available for that classic warm sound. Our current stock includes mics from the following manufactures: Neumann, Audio Technica, AKG, Beyer, Rode, SE Electronics, Sennheiser and Shure.

We have a number of instruments and equipment available for use in the studio including: Yamaha P90 piano, Roland Juno D synth, a variety of electric and acoustic guitars and basses, a large number of effects pedals and a wide variety of ethnic drums & percussion instruments.

We are currently offing monitoring on Tannoy 12x (dual concentric) and KRK VXT6 with plenty of Beyer DT100 headphones for tracking.

Voice over / ADR / Dubbing
We offer a comfortable environment seated or standing with autocue and video monitoring. Atmospheric lighting is available to help the mood if required.

We have contacts with a number of very capable musicians who can play all styles of music. If you need an entire backing track prepared or just want to add a little extra something to your track then we can organise the right musicians at the right time.

Specific requirements
If your project requires any specific equipment or software please ask us. It is very possible we can hire your requirements in for your session.